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which state if in Australia


I really do love your products. I use them all the time particularly the organic mist spray which I spray all around me before leaving my home & the hand lotion. I also love the fact that your products are not watered down & that you can really smell the lemon myrtle all day long. And of course this has to do with the purity of the lemon myrtle oil & it also accounts for why the products are so uplifting. From my aromatherapy training, I know the purer the products, the better it is for the body & one can certainly feel & smell this with your gorgeous products.

Hi! Love your lemon myrtle hand soap especially that it's self-foaming, I use it everyday.

I purchased the organic lip balm and hand and body lotion. I have found the lotion to be great in smoothing dry cracked skin on my hands, it is absorbed very quickly and does not leave that greasy feeling some lotions tend to do.The lip balm is also very good and I have been using it frequently for my dry lips and have had great success. Both products are also very pleasant smelling.

I purchased the lemon myrtle body scrub at the most recent fair, and I absolutely love the product. I use it as a dry scrub by mixing it with olive oil to form a paste because I find that otherwise it can be too dry to just use by itself. It makes my body feel rejuvenated and brings my head space back into a more calming one. Thank you so much. I look forward to putting your products on my skin and I love the fact that your farm is in Australia. I enjoy supporting local businesses.

I really love using the Lemon Myrtle products. My favourites are the Lemon Myrtle Mist spray. I have some in both my home and in the office. I spray it in the office when I find I am flagging a little during the day, it always lift my spirit. The hand moisturiser is different and not at all greasy like normal hand creams but I use it each day and I have noticed the difference in my skin. It is not nearly as dry. I also use the soap and again have noticed the difference in that my skin is not as dry. I am very happy with all the products.

I was at the Adelaide Body, Mind and Pyschic Expo and bought one of the white pump action bottles [Lemon Myrtle Essentials Self-foaming soap] and would love to buy a few more. Being a nurse this form of packaging is perfect for me, particularly in an infection control sense.

I loved the soap, very refreshing and soothing to the skin. Also the essential oil purchased has been enjoyed in my burner, and mixes beautifully with bergamot.

In addition my young pup was recently desexed, but very bothered by the small area of hair shaved on his leg for the anaesthetic. He continually licked and aggravated the area, causing it to be hot, red and painful. I remembered the advice at the stand, that this oil is more antibacterial and anti fungal than tea tree oil, and applied it to the wound. The biggest benefit was that he actually "hated" the smell and avoided the area completely, allowing the oil to also assist in the healing process. I will be recommending this oil to my vet, for advice for animals needing a deterrent to leave a wound area alone.

I use the essential oil in conjunction with emu oil on a rash on my foot. It hasn't cleared up yet, but it's improved. Likewise, I've sometimes used the balm on my rash. Love the fragrance, & that the lemon myrtle is stronger than ti tree, whose smell I don't like!

I sang the praises of the Pink Salt that I use as a deodorant and I have high praise again for the Lemon Myrtle products that I bought. One was the balm, which I use on my lips, and its also does wonders for my dry itchy legs, and the added bonus is that it tastes and smells wonderful. The other product I bought was the essential oil which I burn in the home...... just beautiful. Thank you both so much for such lovely products.


I bought the LM Mist Spray and the LM Salt Scrub at the MBS Festival. I have to say that I LOVE both products.

The LM Mist Spray has been invaluable during this cold season. I spray it around the house, on our bedding and even take it into the car with me if the kids have sniffles (you know how kids are, picking up things constantly). I am not a germ freak, in fact I subscribe to the belief that a certain degree of exposure to dirt/germs is good for the immune system. Yet I have noticed that so far this Winter we have only had one cold - and not a serious one at that. I also love the fragrance, it is lemony/citrusy without being too astringent or too lemon - it definitely has that bush essence to it.

I also use natural deodorants (like crystal salt and/or miessence) and decided one day to spray on the LM Mist Spray instead, figuring it was anti-bacterial and so may do the job. I was surprised to find that it worked perfectly - I got through the whole day (even at times during the day I was overheated) and like the fact that this is something anti-bacterial and anti-viral, so it also helps my immune system (I have had a lot of problems with the glands under my arms becoming blocked).

The Salt Scrub is beautiful. I love that it is compacted (not salt sitting in lots of liquid oil) - it makes it much easier to use, doesn't feel so wasteful and I find that the quality of oil that still remains on my skin is beautiful and doesn't wash off. I even gently use it on my face as I am prone to breakouts. Normally I cannot put anything greasy on my face, yet the Salt Scrub leaves my skin feeling soft and moisturised and the level of breakouts has actually diminished. Not only that - I love the taste of it - I actually lick my lips it tastes so good!!

I often like to try new products (as long as it is natural or organic) but not many make it as 'permanent' in my house. However, I could tell immediately upon using the Mist and Scrub that these would definitely be a re-order! As soon as I use up some of my collection of essential oils, I will be purchasing some of the LM essential oil. I also cannot wait for Summer to try the Mist on my oldest daughter who is loved by the mosquito population - I'll get back to you on its effectiveness with her.

I'm very happy with the Lemon Myrtle Essentials products, I believe they are very effective on a physical and well as a mental level...the soap is fantastic! A great way to start the morning using the soap in the shower or bath, clears the senses, mind and helped give my skin a noticeable healthy appearance and clear of any blemishes. I'd love to purchase some more from you.

I believe that the essential oil also played a part in the success of my recent uni exams, keeping my mind clear and focused, feeling calm and revitalised and fresh! I recommend the products to anyone who needs their spirits lifted!

I’ve been using your hand cream and just love it . It doesn’t stay greasy, just soaks in straight away, and I just love its perfume. I’m a lemongrass lover. I have also used your room spray I spray it around and over my head so I get some of it also. P.Roots

The Self foaming liquid soap is fantastic: it leaves my skin soft and delicate as if I had put cream on it. The essential oil is refreshing and I love the smell of it. People who came to our place said the same thing: it is a smell that does not go unnoticed even if you have a big space and you are only using 3 or 4 drops in a burner. So it is strong but at the same time it is delicate.. it seems a contradiction but it is not a smell that gives you a headache even if it is strong.The bar soap once again does not dry the skin and it feels soft and moistured after having used it.

The self-foaming liquid soap is fantastic for keeping hands moisturised, & since I'm washing my hands around 30 times each day (after nappy changes, before handling breast-pump & bottles, before feeding the baby..) I've really noticed a difference since using the liquid soap. I'm also using the hand&body lotion a couple of times a day as well, & spraying the bedroom with the mist spray to kill off as many cold germs as I can. (A little ironic given both Nina & I have a heavy cold, but it makes me feel I'm doing something positive). J.Van Ravenswaaij

I purchased your Lemon Myrtle hand wash (Self Foaming Liquid Soap) at the Mind Body Spirit festival. I have found that after using this product my hands are left feeling so soft and smooth and it has such a beautiful fragrance. I look forward to purchasing it again. K.Perry

I use all your Lemon Myrtle products daily. I appreciate very much that they're organic and pure. I get a huge pleasure from them, I feel happy when I use them.. Margit, Austria

This winter I consistently used Lemon Myrtle Mist Spray in the office to ward off the colds and flus that were incapacitating the staff around me. Miraculously, I didn’t succumb to any of these ailments and I attribute this to my religious use of this wonderful product. In addition, I took my Lemon Myrtle Mist Spray with me on a trip to Vanuatu and it was really effective in warding off mosquito bites and soothing cuts and grazes I sustained on the coral reefs in the area. I have subsequently bought this spray for friends and family members and even the staff in my office have commented on its beautifully calming and uplifting scent.


MOLLUSCUM testimonials:

(for more please visit the molluscum contagiosum page)

To Whom it may Concern,
Just wanted to say that the molluscum treatment has worked wonders-like other testimonials on your site we saw improvement in just a few days and it was really wide spread-after a couple of weeks my daughter has just a few marks-brilliant. I am a GP in the UK and wondered if you had thought of doing a formal trial for this-can see that only a few small studies have been done so far.
Kind regards
Elizabeth James

(further email: Great to find something that works -so many parents come in asking about this and we usually just say there is not much you can do as most treatments are toxic/painful and ineffective.)

I will be sure to order from you in the future and I have already recommended you to a few people as a great natural alternative to Polysporin for Molluscum Contagiosum! Thank you again for your wonderful customer service and product (which I've even debated wearing as perfume!). Michelle Payne, Canada


Just to let you know that your product has worked fantastic on our daughters Molluscum. After just 2 treatments there were dramatic changes and after only 1 week of use (once per day) almost all of the Molluscum Contagiosum has cleared up. Thankyou. I will recommend your product to as many people as I can. Greg Brown, Australia


Love this product!! My son had molluscum contagiousum around his eyes. After 2-3 days of using the balm the problem went away. I'm so glad I found your website. I would highly recommend this product. I will be ordering more product very soon! Sincerely, Lauri Tuipala
San Diego, California


Lemon myrtle is like a miracle product. my son was diagnosed with molluscum of the legs most likely from being in a crowded swimming pool. through his dermatologist and pediatrician, we were prescribed an ointment (that my son had a horrible allergic reaction to), and after a couple of months of no improvement, I decided to treat him in accordance with my holistic roots and researched various organic treatments. I found lemon myrtle to be one of the top organic treatments with great success. after ordering the mist from your web site, and careful application, the molluscum decreased dramatically after only 3 days. After the remaining month, it is totally gone with no reoccurrence. I am a frequent user of the citrus essential oils. I enjoy experiencing various essentials, lemon, lime, orange, tangerine, mandarin, grapefruit, etc., but did not know about the wonders of this particular lemon - nothing short of amazing!

Jana Kolsen, NY USA.


We love your products! The lemon myrtle oil is really working great on my children's molluscum. They are almost clear!! Now I never want to be without a backup supply of Lemon Myrtle!

I have 3 children. Two of them only had a few outbreaks, but my youngest son has (now HAD thanks to Lemon Myrtle,YEAH!) a severe case of molluscum. He also has eczema which unfortunately helps the molluscum spread. I was worried at first that the oil would irritate his sensitive skin, but it has not. I dilute the Lemon Myrtle oil 50/50 with an organic Morocco Euro oil and apply it to every "bump" with a q-tip 2-3 times a day. It has been like a miracle! The molluscum bumps turn red within a few days, then they get a very small scab and then it just falls off and fades away. I continue to apply the Lemon Myrtle oil throughout this whole process. It makes me feel good knowing that the Lemon Myrtle is not only getting rid of the molluscum but also keeping the area clean while the bumps are healing.

I would tell any parent to use Lemon Myrtle Essentials for molluscum. It really works! It has been less than a month and the results are unbelievable! Use it and be consistent, some "bumps" are more stubborn than others! An added benefit is that your children smell yummy all day!

We now also use Lemon Myrtle Essentials for all of our minor cuts, scrapes and insect bites. Of course, with lemon myrtle on you have less flying insects bothering you! It really is a wonderful product. I feel very lucky to have found it. Thank you so much, Jennifer, USA.


My daughter was infected with molluscum a few years back and the prescription the Dr. gave me wasn't working and I didn't want to get the "wart"-like bumps burned from her body. They were popping up everywhere and I was willing to try anything. After doing a lot of research a small piece of info kept coming up about Australian Lemon Myrtle so I bought it off of the Lemon Myrtle Essentials web site just to try it. It worked wonders for the viral infection she had!! It cleared it up in a little over a month. Love the stuff and still have a good supply of it. V.Lopez, USA.

Your lemon myrtle product is definitely drying up the molluscum! It is the first product that is clearing them up and seems to be killing virus, there are no new ones popping up as they heal.

Our son has been fighting molluscum for 7 months on his chin and neck. He's 9 years old and it has been very upsetting at school. We tried Aldera (very expensive) on a doctor's recommendation, it tore up his neck, looked horrible and didn't work. Also the beetle urine (HORROR show with blisters and new growths popping up even in blisters).Tried another internet product that dried them up but with sores and new ones were always popping up. Lemon myrtle heals, it seems to dry them up in a much more gentle way and yet really seems to be attacking the virus.The skin is really healing! Please encourage people to try this FIRST, not to let the molluscum run its course because it will spread like wild fire and it's easiest to treat with just a few. The lemon myrtle will help, dilute and we use it a few times a day! Thank you so much. This has been a lifesaver,and it smells yummy too!

H. Rofhok-Pirone, NY, USA.


My son has been diagnosed with Molluscum for the second time. The first time we went to the dermatologist and they treated him with "blistering beetle juice." This treatment forces blisters on each "bump" and was painful. I did some research to find an organic cure and I found the Lemon Oil. I have been using the organic lemon oil on my sons molluscum with great results. After 1 week I noticed a difference. When my son goes to school, I put the lemon oil on a bandage and cover his "bumps." I would recommend this product to anyone who is looking to cure molluscum!

Alexandra - Illinois USA


The latest testimonial

I am so HAPPY I made this purchase - you have absolutely no idea.

My 4 year old has had Molluscum Contagiosum on his chin for nearly two years. One dermatologist prescribed Aldara, which was cheap with our insurance, but did little, took forever, and when it appeared it may have worked - the Molluscum came back! Our pediatrician said it would go away on it's own and I was done messing with Aldara, it was hard to keep on and the routine seemed endless. But then a bump appeared near my son's nose and another about 2 inches from his eye; the thought that these things were going to overwhelm his face worried me. I decided to try your product.

At first I used just the sample balm that came with the essential oil shipment. First day the balm seemed to make molluscum shrink. I couldn't really tell, but then I forgot to apply it one day and the molluscum definitely grew! I decided to try the essential oil. I put 4 drops in a paper cup, then put in a 1/4 teaspoon of oil (that's more than 50% olive oil mix) and applied it to a few of the bumps on my son's face with a Q-Tip. He said it itched. I put some one myself and even at that dilution it did itch a bit - but it stops after about 5 mins. Here's the magic - I put the essential oil mix on ONCE, since it itched I went back to the balm after that. Three days later, with less than a total of a week treatment with the balm, the molluscum on my son's chin and temple, that one that was there for two years, were TOTALLY GONE and there were no scar whatsoever. The one near his nose disappeared a day later.

The one near his eyes we're dabbing slowing with tiny amounts of the balm, just to be safe.

This stuff is AMAZING! We'll be ordering more balm in the future.

New York City


For more information and testimonials on Molluscum Contagiosum please click here

Of all the pure organic lemon myrtle essential oils I have smelt, this one is the best. It has a scent that far exceeds the others on the market. M. Rainback


We have tried three different lemon myrtle and yours was from very far the best. It smells and tastes so natural and it is soooooo good. Thanks again! A.Baron, La Maison du Macaron, New York

[further:] I love the soothing Balm too. I use it every day. It feels so natural on your lips and skin. Just the good stuff! I will check on your food recipe page in the near future.


I was skeptical at first as I don't use soap. I get eczema and itching with normal soap. But I tried the natural Lemon Myrtle soap, and my skin loves it! It's beeeaautiful!! I.Davey, EveryOne Health & Fitness

I'm really enjoying using Lemon Myrtle Essential Oil in my vaporiser. I find it uplifting and refreshing. I have used the Mist Spray also for clearing my office space and find it reenergizing when my energy has dropped. Also found the soap didn't dry my hands the way most soaps do. Thanks for introducing me to these great products.

I love Lemon Myrtle essential oil and was so pleased to find a range of organic body products using this wonderful oil. I especially love the lip balm.My lips were suffering due to the winter winds but since using your lip balm my lips have returned to normal, are so smooth and soft and have stopped cracking. I would like to thank you for making such beautiful products and I will be sure to recommend you to all my friends.Looking forward to my next lemon myrtle essentials experience.

I absolutely love my last order. The soap, the salt bars and the oils are a part of our shower ritual daily. The massage oil really scored points with my wife. Anyways, thanks again... and will definitely will order again in the future.
F.Maciej, Florida, USA

We just wanted to tell you how much we enjoy using your lemon myrtle products. The mist spray is so refreshing on a hot evening, especially when we want to sit outside and not be disturbed by the insect life! The hand lotion is so light and not greasy and the lingering smell of lemon myrtle is beautiful. Thank you for introducing us to these lovely products.
L Brophy & S Wright

Love the Lemon Myrtle soap - it smells so good, and is so moisturising and gentle. That's why we bought 20 more to take back home with us!
T.& V. Allen

My mum wants me to tell you how grateful she is to you for creating such a wonderful product that has helped her cure the problems with her foot. After 30 years of itching, scratching and bleeding, it has worked a miracle. First the salt bar helped a lot and then the lemon myrtle product did the rest.

My dad, who is a retired eye specialist, said that he had always been rather sceptical of any non-pharmaceutical remedies but has had to change his mind about the efficacy of your alternative products after seeing the results mum has experienced! This is quite an admission from my dad who is a typical medical professional of his time.
Michelle Stanton Spiritual Life Coach

The hand and body lotion I bought at the MBS is fantastic. It gets absorbed immediately and I noticed especially on my hands a silky feeling which is quite remarkable.

I've always been a big fan of essential oils, specially the citrus varieties.

I was therefore very excited to procure a range of exciting lemon myrtle products at the Sydney Mind Body Spirit Expo. These included:

- the lip balm (It's delicious, with its smooth buttery base, and fresh subtle zesty character). It is always in my shoulder bag, and I wish I had bought two, so one is always at hand at home as well;

- the lovely space clearing air spray, which I feel lifts the energy of the room, as well as freshening the air of old stuffy odours. I use this before and after massages, and in the entry way to my house shortly before guests arrive;

- the Lotion, a clean non-greasy alternative to hand cream, specially nice before giving a neck or face massage;

- I also obtained a bottle of the lemon myrtle essential oil, but I haven't actually used it yet, but am looking forward to doing so.

I like the hand & body lotion, I use it almost everyday, the smell is so good and refreshing. L.Tong

Gorgeous aroma! Love the soap, the mist spray, the hand lotion, the scrub - yumm! J.Mathews

Have used the Lemon Myrtle and Himalayan Salt Scrub many times already...can't keep me out of the bath. Love the Lemon Myrtle! S.Wright

They smell gorgeous. I am enjoying them very much. H.Gerrard

Thank you for the beautiful lemon myrtle products. Last night I used them and felt so uplifted, it was wonderful. A.Loveband

I just wanted to tell you how much we love the lemon myrtle foaming soap. It feels great on the skin and a little goes such a long way. Great product...we'll be back for more! J Mathews

I am in South Australia, I currently use the spray mist and purchased the essential oil on the weekend from the body mind fair. I also received a sample of the soap and hand moisturiser. All the products are fantastic. They make your skin feel great and your senses tingle. Very uplifting indeed. Thank you. J.Berri

I purchased your Lemon Myrtle Mist Spray and I have found it to be very useful indeed! When sprayed in rooms it helps to create a calm and tranquil ambience. I feel very invigorated when I spray it near my personal space as well. In fact I wish I had a bottle of it everywhere I go!

The body lotion I really like as it absorbs into the skin well without leaving you feeling sticky. I've also found that if my skin feels itchy it seems to soothe it.
I I love the smell of it and I appreciate that you have used glass bottles. J.Scheer

I have been enjoying using 'Lemon Myrtle Luxurious Hand & Body Lotion' & the 'Lemon Myrtle Balm'. It is lovely to pick up the products & read the beautiful lists of natural ingredients.

I usually hate using hand creams because they are so greasy & hard to absorb. No such problem with the Lemon Myrtle hand cream &, of course, the perfume is divine.The balm is lovely for lips & my scaly elbows & knees too or just a nice lemony smell on the insides of my wrists.

I use the essential oil in my burner as often as possible, it smells beautiful and gives me a sense of calm.

The one I enjoy most is the mist spray. I have left the spray in my car, every morning I use it as a perfect pick me up, better than coffee. It never fails to get a comment on how nice it smells when people get in, very invigorating!! You guys are certainly on the right track with this gem.

Due to an ankle injury years ago, I need to have my calf and leg muscles massaged regularly, so I go through a lot of massage oil. I was recently introduced to the Lemon Myrtle Essentials organic massage oil with Lemon Myrtle & Fragonia. I LOVE it!! It is miraculous! It has a perfect consistency unlike other oils I've used. And I love the scent too! David Witts

The Massage Oil is very balancing and calming because of the Lemon Myrtle and Fragonia essential oils, and has a lovely subtle scent unlike some other massage oils. I like the consistency too, it's not too heavy or too light, so it's great for massage. If a massage oil is too heavy, one has to wipe some off the skin while massaging, and if too light, one has to keep applying a lot of oil. But this Lemon Myrtle & Fragonia Massage oil is just right. H. Evans, Masseur and Teacher of Massage.

Hi... my name is Reuben Lim, from Malaysia. Recently I was given a bottle of Lemon Myrtle Essential Oil by a friend from Australia.I have a long history of sinusitis, which, over the years, has compounded to asthma and bronchitis. I find that the Lemon Myrtle Essential Oil, when burned over a porcelain candle burner, gives relief, especially to my asthma. The essential oil also repels insects like flies. By burning it over a burner in my car porch when I practice Tai Chi and Chi Qong in the morning, I will not be disturbed by flies, and the vapour also has a calming effect for a good session of Tai Chi! Reuben Lim, Malaysia.

Lemon Myrtle Essentials provide quality organic products for everyday use - the Self-foaming Soap and Lemon Myrtle & Himalayan Scrub are excellent choices for cleaning the body. L.Lester


I am a holistic aesthetician and massage therapist who decided to incorporate lemon myrtle into my treatments. After extraction, I have had good success in removing bacteria and drying up pustules and papules with spraying the mist on cotton and applying. I also advise my clients that besides exfoliation, using the mist in the days after waxing to help control ingrown hairs. it seems to dry and cleanse the area, and help with any infection that may come from the ingrown's.

I recently purchased the massage body oil that I am anxious to use in facial massage, as well as, therapeutic body massage.

I love this product and frequently refer it to others.

Jana Kolsen, NY USA.


Just wanted to let you know that I received my parcel of LME goodies.
Lemon myrtle has exceeded my expections, and what you do with it borders on the mystical!

That may sound over the top (and when I told someone I was in raptures over lemon myrtle essential oil she said I should get out more) but it's the way my son (3) falls asleep after I spray it around him that has amazed me! Two evenings running, and I'll certainly be testing it out again tomorrow evening! The way it uplifts and calms at the same time, well, I don't need to tell you - I'm sure you've heard it over and over. Jenny Leach, Melbourne Australia.


By the way, Mom is raving about the Lemon Myrtle essential oil. She dabbed it on the warts on her feet (caught them from the swimming pool) a few times through the day and they all fell off within a week. No pain, and they're gone. Mom was in so much pain after getting one of them burnt off by the podiatrist, and it grew back, so she was just thrilled the Lemon Myrtle Essential Oil got rid of them. J.Van Ravenswaaij, Melb Australia.



In my quest to find natural antibacterial soap thst is gentle on the skin, I came across Lemon Myrtle Essentials.
Autoimmune disease on both sides of my family. I was diagnosed with mild eczema five years ago and I also have hidradenitis suppurativa. It causes painful boil-like lumps under the skin that sometimes gets infected, for which I have to take antibiotics. I have tried many tea tree and eucalyptus soaps. 2 months ago, I was diagnosed with lichen planus, my third skin-related autoimmune disease.
The foaming soap has helped calm my skin down. I still get flare ups of HS, but it is less severe. But what it important is that it doesn't irritate my skin furthur.
Two thumbs up for the lemon myrtle soap!



Lots to come! Stay tuned!