The love story

One sniff and it was love! We see this same reaction in people time and time again! Lemon Myrtle is a "new" Australian essential oil. It's been around for awhile as bush food, but as an essential oil it's still relatively new. In fact the first commercial plantation in Australia began only in 1991. The world still has a long way to go in its awareness of Lemon Myrtle's amazing bioactive properties and its glorious scent!. Best of all, Lemon Myrtle is unique to Australia.

Enhancing well-being physically, emotionally, naturally and uniquely... is what Lemon Myrtle Essentials is about.

You'll find that Lemon Myrtle Essentials organic body care products will give you the mmmmmhhh experience! Not only are the products pure and of the highest quality, they are Certified Organic (sometimes biodynamic ingredients too) and are free of chemicals, sulphates, mineral oils or petroleum-based products, artificial fragrances and other baddies. In fact they're virtually good enough to eat, containing pure and fresh ingredients, often foodgrade in quality. In order to have the products Certified Organic, the highest and purest standards have been kept.

We don't stint on ingredients - we use freshly distilled organic Grade A lemon myrtle essential oil, not commercial grade which has been sitting in storage for a long while. We use certified organic pure virgin cold pressed coconut oil, not just standard organic coconut oil; we use pure camellia oil, an oil used for premium face products, not just any oil. We prefer unrefined, natural ingredients, not the refined, deodorised versions. You get the essence of love...

So, enjoy!



"The lemon myrtle spirit whispered to my heart for many moons, and come springtime I realised I'd been in love for awhile. Lemon Myrtle's refreshing uplifting citrusy scent just grabs hold of my senses ... I'm hooked.. "

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